About The Event

Why all this. Where we come from? What do you get out of this?

Wave 3 - A Philanthropic Wave

Some of us are avid readers. One common dissent among us were the dissociation between good old physical paperbacks vs. the electronic versions of the same. While the former ends up in your shelf, and lies there for ages to come, the latter hardly occupies any space in our world - maybe a few kilobytes of memory.

We wanted to give back. We wanted a way for those good old paperbacks to bring joy to people. So we started gathering books from various people, most of them our users. And next saturday, you're free to get them. Yes.

We'd provide you an address, where you can ship your old books to us. Not just the interesting ones, and we'll ship them to other users for free so our jugaad can bring some happiness to their lives.

In return, we ship you another book for free again. Yeah you heard it right.

What we get out of it? Other than ecstasy, a feeling of redeeming ourselves since we are in a position to acheive this feat. Nothing more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you mean by waves?
    • We have categorized the products into 4 categories and we have termed them as waves. These waves signify the timeslots in which loot will happen for the products present in that wave.
    • For example if a wave starts at 11 AM on Saturday, it means the loot for the product that you have selected from that wave starts at 11 AM
  2. How to steal the product or how to make sure I get the freebie I selected?
    • Please make sure that you add your favourite product to the cart as soon as possible because we will allow only few people to add a particular product and then on Saturday please click on steal button when loot begins. So it is all about speed.
  3. Is this a one-time event or will it be conducted every week?
    • It is not a onetime event, it will be conducted every Saturday.
  4. I have not entered my shipping details, how will I get my product?
    • Once you click the "Steal" button on Saturday, you'll be led to a page where you'll be asked to enter your shipping address.
  5. I live in a remote part of the country? Will you deliver me?
    • We would deliver to every PIN code in India that is serviceable by the India Post.
  6. Is Jugaad Shanivaar a new startup?
    • No, this is just a campaign by PriceJugaad and it is a 3 year old e-commerce startup.
  7. More Questions?  Talk to us!